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Attractive room divider Ideas, Custom design Room Separators

Attractive room divider Ideas, Custom design Room Separators

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 Custom-Made Room Separators

Transform your space with our handcrafted privacy solutions.

Craftivaart is a premier producer of captivating room divider ideas, specializing in the realm of handmade panel partitions. Our room dividers aren't just partitions; they are works of art, meticulously crafted to enhance the aesthetic allure of every home they grace.

Each piece in our collection is a testament to craftsmanship honed to perfection. We meticulously handcraft each panel, paying attention to every detail to create a truly unique and personalized room separation decor experience.

Unrivaled Elegance and Craftsmanship

Within our world of distinctive design options, you'll uncover an unrivaled elegance and craftsmanship that transcends the ordinary. Our room dividers are more than just decor; they are a metamorphosis that will transform your space, breathe life into it, and elevate it to new heights.

Choose from a Wide Range of Materials

We offer a wide range of materials to choose from, including:

    • MDF
    • PVC
    • Birch plywood
    • Aluminum composite
    • HDPE

Customize Your Room Divider

We can customize your room divider to fit your exact needs. Choose from a variety of colors, styles, and patterns. We can also make multiple panels and groove them together to cover large areas.

Get Started Today

Contact us today to get started on creating your perfect custom-made room separator.

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Ensure your privacy with our contemporary Room Dividers and Room Partitions. Adding a touch of sophistication to your home or office is as simple as choosing the right hue and style. Get your ideal privacy solution today with us.

※ How to order Step by Step


Here are 14 options for material:

⁜⁜ GROUP A - Unpainted:

1- MDF 1/2" thick (unpainted) Custom room divider
2- White PVC 1/2" thick Custom room divider
3- Birch Plywood 1/2" thick (unpainted) Custom room divider

⁜⁜ GROUP B - Framed:

4- SILVER Aluminum Composite 1/8" thick with Wood Frame Custom room divider
5- GOLD/BRONZE Aluminum Composite 1/8" thick with Wood Frame Custom room divider (One side is gold, Another side is bronze)
6- BLACK Aluminum Composite 1/8" thick with Wood Frame Custom room divider
7- Walnut Veneered MDF 1/4" thick with Wood Frame Custom room divider

⁜⁜ GROUP C - Premium Materials:

8- SILVER Aluminum Composite 1/4" thick Custom room divider
9- GOLD Aluminum Composite 1/4" thick Custom room divider
10- BRONZE Aluminum Composite 1/4" thick Custom room divider
11- BLACK Aluminum Composite 1/4" thick Custom room divider
12- HDPE Black 3/8" thick Custom room divider
13- Baltic Birch Plywood 1/2" thick, Stained in Light Brown Custom room divider
14- Baltic Birch Plywood 1/2" thick, Stained in Dark Walnut Custom room divider


Panels could be connected to each other to cover big areas. Please message us for more details and solutions.

Option 1- We can make more than one divider wall and make grooves and tongues on the sides so that the panels can be joined together.

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Option 2- We can make some smaller room Divider walls, and Hinged them together so they can be free-standing.

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We have provided you with a list of different patterns to choose from in the listing pictures. You can select your pattern number from the image and write it On the step of adding to the card, in the "Order special instructions" field, OR you can send us any pattern design you have chosen on the internet.
Search the phrase "VECTOR PANEL" on google, There are hundreds of shops that are selling beautiful designs.
Just send us a link from your selected pattern.

*** Click Here: HOW TO ORDER Video STEP BY STEP ***


Within 72 hrs. after you submitted your order we will send you a PROOF DRAWING. So PLEASE check your email after placing the order.


PLEASE NOTE the time that we are waiting for you to confirm the proof drawing or answer any questions will be added to the regular turnaround time. Since we can not keep the order as INCOMPLETE (overdue order) in the Shop, If you do not answer our messages, We HAVE TO mark the order as completed/sent. Obviously, whenever you responded to us, we will start the production and ship it to you asap.

ↈ INSTALLATION of Room Separator:

Your panels can be hinged together in order to be FREE-STANDING, OR they can be secured to the floor/ceiling as well as the side walls, Or another option for installation is to Hang it from the ceiling (see pictures in the listing)
Please specify in the customization so that we produce the panels accordingly and provide you with the appropriate hardware.

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Based on your order, the shipping price would be different due to different addresses, weights, and sizes. We estimate a minimum of $70 shipping costs for each order. After the final packaging, we will get quotations from various shipping companies and We will communicate further updates from the shipping companies with you.


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beautiful quality

beautiful quality, came quickly, fit perfectly....I LOVE IT!

Questions & Answers

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  • Hi, I am looking to get 5 panels of 30x104 and have many questions. 1. Would it be possible to make panels of length 104 ? or should we consider making panels of half the height 2. I am interested in getting a plywood. Is it possible to get border with this plywood 3. For this size would you recommend plywood or the other materials ? 4. Would it be possible to get custom colors of stain or paint for the plywood let me know if there is another method of communication to discuss the design and materials. thanks

    Hi There,
    Please see below answers:

    Yes we can make the large panels; But we are limited to the material size of 48" x 96" 

    For the panels to be 30"x104" we have 2 options:
    Option A - sacrifice the height and keep the panels at 30" wide x 96" tall
    Option B - Make them in two panels of 30" wide x 52" tall and make grooves and tongues on the sides so that the panels can be joined together ans sit on top of eachother.

    2. & 3.
    Yes, we can make the panel on Birch Plywood 1/2 inch thick material. It is very rigid and durable over the time. you won't need any wood frame for it.

    Yes, We can stain/paint the plywood in any custom color. Please send us the color code or a good quality picture of the color that you are intrested and we are able to almost match the color.

    Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

    You can message us heare, Or email us at:

    Thanks again for your support.