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Vertical Wood Slats Wall, 3D Wooden Wall art, 3D Slat Wall

Vertical Wood Slats Wall, 3D Wooden Wall art, 3D Slat Wall

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Attractive Wood Slat Wall Ideas

⁜ Adding 3D wood slats to your room not only improves the aesthetics of your space, but it comes at an affordable price

Create a statement piece in any room with 3D wall wood slats, adding depth and texture to your walls.

Slatted accent walls add texture and depth to any room. Modern TV walls can be enhanced with slatted accent walls, which are excellent choices for creating a contemporary appearance. It is possible to use vertical wood slats walls in a number of ways, including as room dividers, headboards, or even as an alternative to traditional artwork. Adding slat walls to your home is a fun project with endless possibilities.


Vertical Wooden slat wall, Vertical Wood Slat, Wood Slat Wall, 3D Wooden Wall Slat, 3D Slat Wall Panels,Wood Slat Wall, Slat Wood Walls

- Vertical Wooden slat walls create captivating visuals when combined with lighting and colored accents. This contemporary, sophisticated aesthetic is suitable for any interior, including living areas, bedrooms, offices, and foyers.

- Constructed with robust and cost-effective material, this 3D Wooden Wall Art creates a stunning ambiance in any room for a long time.

-  With the right design and accents, wood slat walls can help create a modern, stylish atmosphere that leaves a lasting impression.

Wood Slat Wall, 3D Wooden Wall Slat, 3D Slat Wall Panels, Wood Slat Wall, Slat Wood Walls

⁜ We provide Custom-Made partitions and 3D Wide Slat Wall Panels, Wooden Wall art  in Various colors and sizes: 

ↈThe available Dimensions of panels  are (Width x Height):

 o 12-inch x 24-inch Wood Slat Wall
 o 12-inch x 36-inch Wood Slat Wall
 o 12-inch x 48-inch ​Wood Slat Wall
 o 12-inch x 60-inch ​Wood Slat Wall
 o 12-inch x 72-inch ​Wood Slat Wall
 o 12-inch x 84-inch Wood Slat Wall
 o 12-inch x 96-inch ​Wood Slat Wall
and the  thickness is 3/8 inch Wood Slat Wall

⁜ each​3D Slat Wall panel fits into the next one  completely seamless


Vertical Wooden slat wall, Vertical Wood Slat, Wood Slat Wall,3D Wooden Wall art, 3D Slat Wall Panels,Wood Slat Wall


Stylish Wood Slat Wall Ideas To Try

ↈ Choice of Materials for ​3D wood Slat Wall (We use only high-quality and best available in the market)

⁜ The material of ​the 3D Slat Wall that we use for this panel is Laminated Wood Veneered on "M.D.F"
⁜  Color Options on Wood Veneers ​3D Slat Wall as per picture:
 o Black ​
 o Dark Walnut ​
 o Mahogany ​
 o Light Brown ​
 o Gray ​3D

ↈ How to order:

1-  Select the panel size

2- After adding the item to your cart, please enter your preferred color choice in the "Order Special Instructions" section

Craftivaart accepts designs for room dividers and artistic panels for modification of any type of space. The list includes mosques, churches, libraries, hospitals, schools, office buildings, and all other places at home, work, or on the industrial scale.

※ Please be aware that the color of the product may vary due to room illumination, and computer screen resolution.

ↈ INSTALLATION for ​3D Wood Slat Wall:

Just place the 3D Wide Slat Wall Panels next to each other (side by side) and screw them on the wall. you can also use silicon glue or brad nails. Easy installation.

ↈ Quantity Estimate for ​3D Slat Wall:

⁜ Send us the dimensions via message, and we will reply with the best scenario for the quantity and size.
⁜ Write us directly if you need any help with measurements or if you have any questions.

***Free Delivery, Returns & exchanges, Customs and import taxes***

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