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Hexagons Wall Panels, Honeycomb 3D Tiles in Walnut veneer, PVC and Aluminium

Hexagons Wall Panels, Honeycomb 3D Tiles in Walnut veneer, PVC and Aluminium

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3D Hexagon Wall 

Revamp your space effortlessly with our DIY Honeycomb Wood Wall Tiles! These Hexagon Wood Wall Tiles are perfect for enhancing living rooms or bedrooms. Experience the best in simplicity with super easy installation. Mix and match various available colors to create your own trendy design.

The approximate dimensions of each 3D Hexagon are: 8.6 inches x 7.45 inches and each Side is 4.3 inches . Thickness varies between 1/8" to 1/2" to create the 3D look.
Each Square feet of the hexagons includes 3 pcs with different thickness.

  • EXAMPLE if you order 15 sqft of the hexagons, you will receive qty x45 pcs; They will be in different thicknesses to create a perfect 3D look.

Choice of Materials:

  • Walnut veneered plywood
  • Aluminum composite color options:
  • Silver
  • Bronze
  • Gold

PVC Color options:

  • Black
  • White

Mirror Acrylic Color options:

  • Gold
  • Rose Gold
  • Silver


With each order, we will provide you with 4 different sizes of the spacer so that if you wish to install them with some space in between. (Please see sample images)


For easy installation, we will provide you with double-sided tape at the back of each piece. However, for permanent attachment, it is better to add some little construction glue or silicone glue at the back of each piece. (Glue is not included)

How to order:

Just measure the area that you want to cover with the hexagons and select it from the options.
In order to purchase different colors; First, Select the material/color of your first choice and then select the sqft for this color and add this to your basket; Then again you can select the second material/color of your choice, select the sqft and add to your basket. Please do the same for mixing more colors and options.

Sample kit:

If you would like to have a sample piece of all material and color options (including 9 SMALL pieces), you can select the sample kit from the options.


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Estimated Delivery 5 to 7 Business Days

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Dylan Veinot
Multiple damaged

I ordered 10 black pvc hexagons and out of 30 received id say about 10 were scratched or damaged in a way you’d definitely see on the wall but as a total picture if they werent damaged it definitely could look great!

Easy Installation

Wall panels got shipped super fast!
And installation is just super easy

Great Product

High quality Wall panels definitely recommend them,
I got them for my bedroom and they were amazing

Questions & Answers

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  • Hello, First of all I would like to apologize if my English is not too good. I would like to make a decorative wall in my house and I had several questions: - Are the samples the real size because we'd like to get an idea of the size. - There are also several thicknesses, is it only on the hexagonal wood or on all products? - Our wall is about 8.5 m2, do you think we can cover the whole wall or is that too much? -Is it possible to get a discount on the cost of sending the sample? Thank you Sincerely

    Hello there, 

    Hope you are well. 

    Thank you very much for your message and interest in our product. 

    We give out one real size hexagon + a small piece of all the other materials. 

    All the materials come in 3 different thicknesses which give you the 3D look. 

    It would totally depend on your taste. Some people prefer to cover the full wall with 2 or 3 different materials to get a nice combination and some people prefer to have a pattern going to cover some of the wall. So it really is your call. But if you wanted to go with a combination, I would recommend Walnut + Black + Bronze. 

    The thing is we are giving out the samples for free and the money that we are charging is just for the shipping. We think it's fair to give the samples for free to get more possible customers but unfortunately, we are not able to cover the shipping as well. So I can't work on a discount in this case. I'm really sorry. 

    Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. 

    Kindest regards