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Parametric CNC cut Desert Sands Symphony Wavy Wooden 3D art

Parametric CNC cut Desert Sands Symphony Wavy Wooden 3D art

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ↈ 3d Parametric Wavy Wooden Wall Decor

Behold the allure of our 3D Geometric Wavy Wooden Wall Art, born from the marriage of laser-cutting technology and high-quality birch plywood. It stands not just as an accent but as a living testament to the splendor of artistry within any home or workplace.

The Desert Sands Symphony parametric art is more than just an artwork; it's a symphony that encapsulates the grandeur of nature, a masterpiece that speaks the language of the soul. Its mesmerizing wavy design conjures visions of Sahara desert dunes, each curve echoing the whisper of the wind across endless sands.

In its precision and craftsmanship, it rises above as a work of art that captures the very essence of nature in its purest form. As you gaze upon its form, you find yourself transported to the heart of the desert, where the magic of the natural world unfurls before your eyes, and the beauty of simplicity stands as a testament to art's timeless power.

Choice of Materials:

  • White PVC
  • Raw-Unpainted Wood

High-Quality Premium MDF Wood (Painted)

  • Black Wood
  • Light Brown Wood
  • Dark Brown Wood
  • Grey Wood

High-Quality Premium MDF Wood (Glassy Painted)

  • Glossy Black Wood
  • Glossy Light Brown Wood
  • Glossy Dark Brown Wood
  • Glossy Grey Wood


  • Small- 40"x27"
  • Medium- 50"x35"


This product is delivered in individual components. Initially, attach the back plates to the wall using screws. Subsequently, proceed to mount each strip in sequential order, as indicated by their numbered labels (located on the back), from left to right. No tools are necessary for this stage.


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Estimated Delivery 5 to 7 Business Days

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