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2024 Headboard, Headboard Crowns ideas by Craftivaart

2024 Headboard, Headboard Crowns ideas by Craftivaart

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ↈ Transform your ordinary and affordable bed into a royal one with Craftivaart's Crescent-Shaped  Headboard Crown

Your bedroom, oh, it should be your sanctuary, a sacred refuge where your soul finds solace and renewal. Now, imagine the magic of adorning this haven with a resplendent crescent-shaped crown gracefully hovering over your bed.

Picture this: Your choices, your dreams, brought to life in three sublime materials – Birch Plywood, Aluminium Composite, and HDPE. Each one, a piece of art waiting to infuse your space with its unique character.

Our designs, inspired by tradition and the grace of Islamic aesthetics, they are the whisper of sophistication, a touch of timeless elegance that transforms any bedroom into a realm of enchantment. our crescent-shaped crowns stand ready to illuminate your dreams and dazzle your senses.

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ↈ Section 1: Embracing Timeless Elegance with the Crescent-Shaped Headboard

The crescent-shaped headboard has stood the test of time, exuding a timeless beauty that transcends generations. Symbolically significant in various cultures, such as Islamic traditions where it represents renewal and new beginnings, the crescent moon holds a deep sense of grace and authority. Our meticulously crafted crescent-shaped headboards capture this timeless elegance, bringing a touch of sophistication to any bedroom setting.

ↈSection 2: The Benefits of Choosing

At CraftivaArt, we take pride in creating high-quality, handmade crescent-shaped crowns. We use only the finest materials, ensuring that each piece is not only beautiful but also durable. Our team of skilled artisans can also create custom designs, ensuring that your crescent-shaped crown is truly unique.

ↈ Section 3: How to Choose the Right Material for Your Crescent-Shaped Crown

Choosing the right material for your crescent-shaped crown is an important decision. Birch Plywood is a popular choice for its natural wood grain and durability. Aluminum Composite is a modern material that offers a sleek, metallic finish. HDPE is a lightweight, durable material that is perfect for outdoor use. Our team can help you choose the right material based on your preferences and needs.

ↈSection 4: Customization Options for Your Crescent-Shaped Crown

We offer a range of customization options for your crescent-shaped crown. Whether you want to add a personal touch with a custom design or choose from our pre-designed options, we can help bring your vision to life. From size and color to intricate patterns and detailing, our team can create a unique piece that reflects your style and personality.

ↈ Conclusion:

A crescent-shaped crown above your bed is a stunning addition to any bedroom. With Craftivaart , you can choose from a variety of materials and designs to create a one-of-a-kind piece. Our team of skilled artisans is dedicated to creating high-quality, handmade crowns that will elevate your space for years to come.

ↈ   Custom Panel PROOF DRAWING:

After you place your order, we'll email you a custom panel proof drawing within 72 hours. Please review and approve the design before we begin production. This proof drawing guarantees you get exactly what you want, avoiding any surprises when we start production.


Please note that the lead time is calculated from the time the proof is approved or any questions are answered. If no response is received in a certain period of time, the order must be marked as completed and shipped out. To avoid delays, kindly reply promptly to any of our messages. We will commence production and dispatch immediately upon receiving your response.



Your custom panels can be hinged together in order to be FREE-STANDING, OR they can be secured to the floor/ceiling as well as the side walls, Or another option for installation is to Hang it from the ceiling (see pictures in the listing)
Please specify in the customization so that we produce the panels accordingly and provide you with the appropriate hardware.


Based on your order, the shipping price would be different due to different addresses, weights, and sizes. We estimate a minimum of US$70 shipping costs for each order. After the final packaging, we will get quotations from various shipping companies and We will communicate further updates from the shipping companies with you.

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