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2023 Abstract 3D parametric wall art , Craftivaart Minimal design with 3D parametric wall art

2023 Abstract 3D parametric wall art , Craftivaart Minimal design with 3D parametric wall art

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ↈ 3D Parametric Wall Art, 3D Parametric wall idea

From ancient times, wall arts have been one of the beautiful things that have adorned the walls of our homes and offices.
A wall art may open a window on a wall, providing our thoughts with a little break from the stresses of daily life and allowing our imaginations to soar.
A series of parametric 3D parametric  wall art  is one of Craftivaart's offerings.
These wall artworks, composed of materials such as wood, MDF, and others, are an excellent alternative for individuals who are interested in modern art and unique experiences.

ↈ  Modern living room design you need to try in 2023

This piece of 3D parametric wall art depicts geometric sea life. Wood wall art and wall sculptures such as this handcrafted parametric wall art are some of the most popular 3D Parametric wall art and sculptures on the market.

ↈ About Abstract cloudy parametric wall sculpture :

⁜ Abstract cloudy parametric wall sculpture will make an excellent addition to your home or office decor! You'll love how it looks on your wall and how it warms up your space. Insightful and eye-catching, this piece of art brings a sense of elegance to any design



ↈ The size of wavy parametric wall art can be customized:

- S ====== 24 x 26 inches parametric
- M ===== 36 x 40 inches parametric
- L ====== 48 x 53 inches parametric
- XL ===== 60 x 66 inches parametric

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ↈ Color and Material Choices for parametric wall art

Enjoy the high-quality and best available materials  in the market

- White (Material used: White PVC 1/2 inch)
- Light Brown Wood

- Dark Walnut Wood

Unpainted  Wood

ↈ We accept custom designs for parametric art

You can find a lot of beautiful parametric designs for sale if you search for "3D parametric CNC".
It doesn't matter which design you choose, we'll make it for you in 3D.
Please send us your selected design.


  Craftivaart accepts designs for room dividers, parametric and artistic panels for modification of any type of space. The list includes mosques, churches, libraries, hospitals, schools, office buildings, and all other places at home, work, or on the industrial scale.

ↈ Installation of  Craftivaart 3dparametric wall art :

A very simple installation process. All the hardware needed to hang this "Parametric Wall Sculpture" is provided.

parametric wall installation

***Free Delivery, Returns & exchanges, Customs and import taxes***

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Customer Reviews

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Excellent wall Art

It’s really a stunning piece and I couldn’t be happier. Can not even imagine how beautiful Parametric Wall Art would be! Looks excellent, Thank you!


Very cool piece of artwork.! The quality matches the description. The material is a bit soft, but that was expected as per description. The piece is deeper than I expected (about 27cm at deepest point), but it just adds to the 3D perspective. Highly recommended if your are looking for something different than a flat painting


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