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2023 Creative Wood Slat Wall , Vertical wood slat , Decorative Wood Slat Wall Panels

2023 Creative Wood Slat Wall , Vertical wood slat , Decorative Wood Slat Wall Panels

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ↈ 2023 Best Wood Slat Wall Decor, 3D wood walls

Wooden slats for walls, also known as wood acoustic panels, are an appealing approach to improve the aesthetics of your house. These walls are created by expertly arranging tiny strips of wood together, resulting in an enriched and 3D surface that adds a sense of luxury and delicacy to any space.

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ↈ Think creatively when designing your home: 

Looking for a traditional approach to spruce up your home's decor? Our magnificent wood slat walls have timeless beauty and can add a distinctive flair to any space, making them ideal for any room in your home. These walls are made of high-quality materials and add a stylish touch to any home.

If you're looking to add some rustic charm to your home, consider wood slat wall ideas for a warm and cozy aesthetic.

With our wood slat walls, you can create a focal point in any room. Our custom sizing option facilitates installation and maintenance while offering an attractive and functional accent wall or partition.

wood slats for walls

Our vertical slatted wall panels are not only eco-friendly, but utilize dyes and materials that are ethically sourced and non-toxic.
As a result, they won't just enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home; they'll also assist preserve the environment.

They can offer all-encompassing noise reduction and calming background noise in addition to protecting the wall's perimeter with an outside solution.

Why then wait?
Order your wood slat wall right away to instantly change your house!

custom made wood slat panel, wood slats, wood slat wall                       we accept custom order slat wood panels

If you love the look of 3D wooden wall panels, but have concerns about maintaining their appearance, then you will appreciate your Ceraftivaart 3D Wide Slat Wall Panels.

ↈ  The price is based on one wood slat(if you order 2 slats, only TWO pieces of wall divider slats will be sent to you).

MINIMUM order is 10 wood slats.

ↈ How to install Wood Slat Wall :

How to install  Vertical Wood Slat, Wood Slat Wall

An installation guide with pictures for Wood Slat Wall:

ↈ MATERIAL of individual wood slat wall

We produce these wood slats out of PREMIUM BALTIC BIRCH PLYWOOD -and- RED AOK SOLID WOOD. There is a picture in the listing that compares the materials.

ↈ COLOR / Stain

You will need to specify color after adding to the cart, in the "Order special instructions" field.
The options are :
1-Light Maple
2-Dark brown walnut
3-Light Brown
4-Classic Gray

Please keep in mind that there may always be some knots and grains on the wood. Also, because you see these colors on the monitor, the color and contrast settings of your screen (mobile or laptop) are not exactly the same as the actual color of the received item.

wood slat wall, vertical wood slat, 3d wood slat,

Vertical Wood Slat, Wood Slat Wall


The thickness of the slats (which will be the depth when installed on the wall) is 3/4" inch.

The width of the slats is 2" Inches wide for Plywood and 2.5" inches for Solid-wood.

The options for the length of the slats are 3 feet, 4 feet, 4.5feet, or 5 feet (36", 48", 54" or 60"). Also, we are able to customize the length according to your space.

ↈ HOW TO ORDER (Minimum Order quantities is 10)

1-Select the  Material and size of each wood slat
2-Select the color for your wood slats
3-SET QTY of the wood slats and place the order (Minimum Order Qty is 10)


We have 2 size options(width) 2" wide for Plywood and 2.5" for Solid-wood.

ↈ Here is the calculation logic:

Scenario 1 :
If you want to use 2" width Ply Wood slats with a 1" gap (you can change the gap size if you want) between slats on the wall=>
for every 3" width of the wall (2"+1"), you need one slat line.

Scenario 2 :
Or for 2.5" width SOLID-WOOD slats with 1" distance between slats on wall=>So that for every 4.5" width of the wall (2.5"+2") you need one slat line.

Depending on the height of the wall you need 2 slats. For example, if your wall height is 9' , you will need to order (2)xSlats@4.5feet (54") for each line.


Please let me know if you need any more information.

Thank you for your support!

Free Delivery, Returns & exchanges, Customs and import taxes for Vertical Wood Slat, Wood Slat Wall

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  • Why are the colors in the picture called different than the colors used in the 1-5 order name. Confusing

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    Depending on the ambient light, the color changes.